Six Stories

A path that is slowly converging. A zigzag is in the middle, and with one line instead cutting all the way through it.

Time is important, but it’s not about the length — it’s about choosing the right, efficient path.
Delphine, Guerlain

An image of widening the field of view for an eye to see more broadly.

When you listen to other people’s point of views, your own point of view gets broader and your blindspots disappear.
Allan, Automattic

Two doors set opposite to each other with arrows that show information going back and forth.

On both sides of a debate, we need to both become truly open to each other.
José, University of London

A network diagram where the center hub isn't any more important than the other nodes.

A brand should incorporate a variety of perspectives, and not just sit at the center dictating everything.
Alex, AKQA

A combination of two shapes that make a new shape signifies the power of letting in new influences.

We should be willing to change by letting in new influences.
Guillaume, Givenchy

A laptop projecting to the entire world -- signifying that the whole range of UX needs to be considered.

UX is not just for the computing-aspect of an experience.
Amelia, LVMH


Ian Rogers × John Maeda

On March 19, 2019 we brought LVMH and Automattic Design folks together to understand each other’s approach to storytelling and giving/getting feedback. This is a little sandpainting we made together with stories from folks from both of our teams. Welcome, and enjoy the learnings we collected together! —Ian and John

Learn about the six stories with rapid-illustrations by Eriko Kawakami.

👉 event video and event photos