We should be willing to change by letting in new influences.

“Without diversity in fashion, you disappear. We have to bring newness in every collection. If you don’t, you lose relevance.”

“Culture is never static. It’s the base from which you build something new.”

“The brand has existed since 1952, but we wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been reinvented many times by incredibly creative designers.”

“Courage is a value at Givenchy, but so is tension. Tension between heritage and modernity, law and freedom, men and women. Tension creates the spark for creativity.”

“Community of people working for the brand, sharing values, and building a community with our customers.”

“The sales associate in a store bears the reputation of a French couture house on his shoulders, and needs to behave accordingly, with authenticity.”

“We have not cracked the way to measure customer feedback in our industry. The NPS way works for commodities but not necessarily for luxury. We need a way for our customers to express themselves, and then to turn this feedback into figures and actions.”

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